Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 20, November and December 2019 
4. Orthogonality preserving mappings on inner product C* -modules

Pages 49-56

Ali Khalili Gholi Abad; مریم امیاری

7. Time-staged outputs in production process: A DEA-Based Approach

Pages 71-80

S. Seyedboveir; M. Maghbouli; F. Matrood

8. L_1 operator and Gauss map of quadric surfaces

Pages 81-90

A. Mohammadpouri; L. Kafili; R. Hosseinoghli

11. Concurrent vector fields on Finsler spaces

Pages 115-120

S.M. Zamanzadeh; B. Najafi; M. Toomanian